Ten Years

I came across this picture the other day.  Sagey was just a pup, she was a handful and we were on our own.

Standard Poodle

Now ten years later, the scenery has changed but I still have my hands full.

Mom and Daughter

The other day, Mark and Jess went to the Daddy-Daugher Dance.  What a handsome couple, huh?  But unbidden, my  mind’s eye flashed forward another ten years.  The scenery will change again.  Mark will be next to me behind the camera as we snap pics of Jess and her prom date.  The thought was too bittersweet…

Daddy Daughter Dance

…so let’s just freeze frame here for awhile.

Standard Poodle and Child


Feeling Fabulous

Those of us who show dogs have all been there. Someone says something not so nice about you or your dog. We’ve been on the receiving end and the giving end of this. Today I was on the receiving end. I haven’t been to shows in almost a year and am missing it. Then I hear somebody said something not so nice about one of my beloved dogs and calls my integrity into question and I wonder, “Why do I do this? Why do I want to go back to this?”

Then my co-worker, who has nothing at all to do with poodles, and often cocks her head at me like I’m crazy when I talk about dog shows, arrives and brightens my day. She went to a church conference this weekend for women. The theme was “Fabulous” and during one of the exercises everyone had to get up and tell what made them feel fabulous. Well, one after another, women stood up and said, “God, Family, Clothes, Shoes, Love, etc.” Then one woman got up and said:

“Poodles. Not just any poodles. Fabulous, hair out to there, fluffed up and fancy walking-around-at-a-dog show Poodles!”

Ch. Ravendune Brouhaha RN

My buddy and loyal companion, Brou, on his championship day.

Loved this story. There are lots of reasons why I love poodles but now I remember why I miss showing them.