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About DGG

All the good stuff comes to me while I’m in the shower, while I’m driving or in the middle of the night when the very thought of turning on a light and lifting a pen makes my eyes burn.  I always think I’ll remember that perfect sentence or phrase.  I rarely do.  I step out of the shower and the morning dash to school and work take over.  I arrive at work and the paragraph I was writing in my head during rush hour is replaced by a carefully worded email to an insistent co-worker.  After work there is dinner, homework and bedtime and little time in between.  Weekends are errands, housework, and family and friend events.  Life is not particularly different from anyone else’s.  Just change the players and time zones.  But it goes so fast…blink of an eye.  I’d like to capture a snippet here and there.  Now is not the time for me to participate in National Novel Writing Month.  I don’t like journaling because I’d rather sleep than drag out my feelings at the end of the day.  So here’s my blog.  Little clips of life here and there.  Some matter, some don’t.  But I wasn’t blinking.