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Hello!  I’m back at least for the month of December so please excuse the haphazard look of my blog.  I planned on having a gorgeous look to it by now but life just doesn’t permit it sometimes.  Or is it all The Nutcracker rehearsals?

A few years ago, members of my family participated in a little game.  I sent an email everyday and posed a question about The Holidays.  I’m hoping to have everyone participate again but this time by leaving comments on my blog.

So, because it’s late, and because I want to get this party started, here is the first question:

What is your earliest holiday memory?

My earliest holiday memory is the anticipation of Christmas Eve.  Usually out-of-town family members arrived on Christmas Eve and things started to kick into high gear by evening.  My mother would have been in the kitchen all day with some help from my sisters.  My father would have been in his chair reading a newspaper, occasionally venturing into the kitchen for a cookie.  Our Labrador retriever, Cindy, with her big red bow on her collar, would be busy sniffing out treats and handouts.  There was a general flurry of activity was non-stop from morning until bedtime.   The smell of the tree, bags of gifts, plates of cookies, my grandmother demanding kisses, and all the last minute errands contributed to my excitement.  Jess is already bouncy and wiggly and barely able to contain her excitement for the season.  I get exhausted just watching  her but as I think back to those first memories I remember being just as bouncy and wiggly.

Please comment with your thoughts.  I’d love to hear.  This is not meant to be formal.  Just a venue for sharing and commenting on other’s comments is encouraged!


One thought on “Divine Greene Girl Games

  1. My earliest memories are very similar. but of a different era. (I’m old!) We were living in Allen Park and the relatives coming to visit were Grandma and Grandpa. There was baking and decorating (I put Christmas cards up on the poles that made an entry way in our living room). The tree often fell over from dogs and kids running around. It happened three times one year. Our stockings were a big deal because that was all we could open until Mom and Dad got up. (They made us wait until 8:00) My big anticipation was wondering about whether I’d get the doll I wanted. Always did. I remember listening to Robert Shaw Choral’s T’was the Night Before Christmas. I remember all four of us in one bed room, Paul and Mac on bunk beds and Peg and I in a double bed with our stockings hung on the bed posts. I pretended to be asleep when Mom and Dad came in to fill them. I know that’s when the 8:00 rule started. We were up soon after Mom and Dad got to bed! Great chaotic, loving time.

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