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Ten Years

I came across this picture the other day.  Sagey was just a pup, she was a handful and we were on our own.

Standard Poodle

Now ten years later, the scenery has changed but I still have my hands full.

Mom and Daughter

The other day, Mark and Jess went to the Daddy-Daugher Dance.  What a handsome couple, huh?  But unbidden, my  mind’s eye flashed forward another ten years.  The scenery will change again.  Mark will be next to me behind the camera as we snap pics of Jess and her prom date.  The thought was too bittersweet…

Daddy Daughter Dance

…so let’s just freeze frame here for awhile.

Standard Poodle and Child


5 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. A poodle in a tutu!
    Great! Jessie has done one of her “leap forward” things where she suddenly looks a lot older. But still darling.
    We had a 1 billion women dance thing yesterday at the cathedral. It was part of a world-wide thing to raise awareness of women’s issues. So a dance troop came in, taught us a few steps then everyone – from 2 to 92 – danced & danced. Joyful!

  2. Handsome couple and beautiful puppy! I remember when you got Sagey and all the time you spent with her, loving her fiestyness and exhausted by it too. Sound familiar? I like the idea of a freeze frame. Puppies and children grow up so fast.

  3. I remember first meeting puppy Sagey at Karen’s house. Dad was visiting and enjoying her antics. She was full of “life”.
    Don’t we all wish high school proms cold be daddy daughter proms!

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