Ten Years

I came across this picture the other day.  Sagey was just a pup, she was a handful and we were on our own.

Standard Poodle

Now ten years later, the scenery has changed but I still have my hands full.

Mom and Daughter

The other day, Mark and Jess went to the Daddy-Daugher Dance.  What a handsome couple, huh?  But unbidden, my  mind’s eye flashed forward another ten years.  The scenery will change again.  Mark will be next to me behind the camera as we snap pics of Jess and her prom date.  The thought was too bittersweet…

Daddy Daughter Dance

…so let’s just freeze frame here for awhile.

Standard Poodle and Child



Last Saturday, as Jess and I were returning home from some errands I was surprised to feel myself strangely peaceful even with a houseful of chores to face.  So I took out my handy dandy little smart phone gadget and snapped some pics of my drive home.

Snowy Road

This one is through the neighbor’s property.  Old cars and farm equipment under snow can squeak by as picturesque in the country.

Neighbor's property

I never get tired of the scene at the end or our driveway.  It’s a different picture every day.


p.s.  It was back to chaos once I stepped inside.