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Procrastinated Projects

I was up very early this morning.  My intent was to write a post.  But, I either don’t have pictures to go with the post or my mind is just not functioning to write the post that I pretty much had written in my head before I got out of bed.  So I decided maybe I’ll work on some scrapbook projects.  Then, of course, as I was trying to decide what to work on I came across a dozen or so unfinished projects.  That, of course, led me back to feeling overwhelmed about writing, blogging, scrapping, and, oh no, the Holidays are approaching much too fast.  And do I vote yes or no on this proposal or that proposal.  Let me look at Pinterest and Facebook for awhile.  I should do a pie crust right now.

So in honor of my muddled mind and myriad of unfinished projects, here are some digital art projects that have never seen fruition.  (Elements in the digital art were made by digital artist Nancie Rowe Janitz.  I just did the composition.)

This one was a first attempt at digital art and will never see a scrapbook page or a wall unless I fix it which means it will never see a scrapbook page or a wall:

digital art

These next I like and are ready to hang somewhere…but where?  Bathroom?  There is a lot to read there.  And will I really ever get them printed and framed?

This one always makes me want to go to Edee’s or Delana’s for coffee.

Winnie the Pooh

I love these quotes from Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan Quote

These next are pretty much ready for printing and I think I could find a place fairly easily to hang them.  So that  means they’ll go up in the next year.  Maybe.

If I don’t get this one hung soon I’ll have to change the photos.

Family print

This one is ready.  But what size do I make it?  Maybe not so ready.


So even now, as I’m previewing these for print, I’m telling myself, “Do you think you’ve overdone the scalloped border just a bit???”  I should go back and change that.

I know I’m not the only one.  Make me feel better.  Tell me what projects you have that are waiting in the wings for just the right time, touch, word, or  picture.

In the meantime, I’m going to go make that pie crust…


7 thoughts on “Procrastinated Projects

  1. Oh, man – – – projects! The list is as full as Erma Bombeck’s box in the attic marked “Things to do While Senile”.
    Get 3 versions of Thumbelina off to the printer.
    Get the home movies in a format I can use.
    Books to do:
    Dusty Hides Again (about Katya & Vika’s kitten)
    When Grandpa & Grandma were kids
    A children’s prayer book
    etc etc etc
    Love, Peg

  2. More projects to count and Emily and I just added another over the weekend we were going to do and it’s sitting there still in the bag.

  3. I have a basement full of fabric and things “just in case” I need them for the next project. These items don’t look like anything. (Yours look beautiful and completely finished to me.) I have a large angel I’ve been embroydering for years, yarn I’ve never used, two bags of pictures and two scrap books I’ve never put together and numerous pictures without frames I’ve meant to hang.

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