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Pug & Goat

“Hi, my name’s Marigold and I’m a goat.  You have a problem with that?”
“Hey, as long as you’re not one of those poodles, I’m good.  But I should tell you that I have some rather disgusting habits.  It would mostly involve your hind end.  Uh, just how fast is your kick reflex and how sharp are your hooves?”

Oberhasli goat

“What the heck is this contraption?”


“I have an idea…listen.”


“Please, please, please can we play my game first?”

goat kid

“Oh, all right.  We’ll play your game first.”

climbing goat

“Ummm…I’m not so sure this is a teeter totter, Dannon.”


“Okay.  We tried it your way.  Now it’s my turn!”


“Follow me!”


“Hey!  Do you mind?  Quit shoving!”


“Now that hurt!”

goat kids

“So much for Follow the Leader.  How about a round of Queen of the Hill?”




4 thoughts on “Playmates

  1. What a wonderful story board! Makes me want to play with a goat. Jessie is becoming quite the animal keeper.
    Love, Peg

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