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Garden Gifts

Jessie and I went to see my friend, Diana, a couple weeks ago to see her new litter of puppies.  Diana and I have been friends about twenty years.  She gave me my first standard poodle, Molly and also my second standard, Sagey.

This new litter of Diana’s are Sagey’s grandchildren so I was anxious to see them but mostly, I just wanted to visit with Diana.  It had been awhile since we’d seen each other.

There were lots of colors in this litter.  An adorable blue female,

Blue standard poodle puppy

a cafe-o-lait puppy,


and two brown puppies.  How do you resist this when you love your daughter and you love puppies???

Jess and brown puppy

I’ll tell you how:  Five dogs, two goats, and twenty-some chickens ran through my head.  In spite of all that, I barely managed a “No.”

Diana’s granddaughter, Savannah was visiting.  She and Jessie struck up a quick and busy friendship.  Puppies are a great icebreaker.

Children and puppies

Sneak attack…

Girls and puppies

Puppies and little girls

poodles and little girls

Poodle pups and girls

Little girls and poodle puppies

Diana’s sacrificial hostas made the perfect playground for hide-and-seek puppies.  So while Jessie and Savannah sought and found and sought again, Diana took me on a tour of the rest of her garden.  It’s very lush like an English garden but with a slightly tropical feel.  There are several exotic plants like this purple passion flower:

Purple Passion flower

And this really cool voo doo plant.  Check out the stalk:

VooDoo exotic plant

I want this gorgeous succulent.  They are the only things I can grow.


Behind the fountain are Angel Trumpets.  They will produce enormous trumpet-like blooms when they flower and are very fragrant.

Angel Trumpets
Diana gave me one to take home as well as gifts of her water lilles…

Water lily
And a water hyacinth…

Water hyacinth
I think the water plants were my favorite.  Mostly because the container possibilities are so darling.

Water Hyacinth copper pot

Diana has several garden vignettes…

Garden Viniette
…and she does a gorgeous job of adding color and texture.

Colorful leaves


She had several of these magnificent cabbages intermingled throughout the garden:


It was a gorgeous day full of color, textures and patterns.  I can’t do it justice with my photos but between the girls, puppies and flora, it was an ideal visit.  Gardens provide a world as it could be.


4 thoughts on “Garden Gifts

  1. What a lovely garden. I’ve never been a gardener, but the next best thing is – a friend with a garden.
    The puppies are adorable.

  2. Diana put a lot of love in her garden. It’s beautiful! Sounds and looks like everyone was having a good time.

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