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An Olympic Push

I took a shower yesterday morning when I woke up.  You might be relieved to know this is not unusual.  But by late morning, I did wonder why I bothered.  This is how I saw my world most of the day:

Sweat Haze

Through a haze of sweat pouring down my sunglasses.

I worked in the backyard with Mark most of the morning and part of the afternoon.  This is unusual but I’m tired of spinning my wheels inside the house.  Instead I opted to help Mark with some outside work.  Plus I owed him some labor from a Father’s Day coupon.  We are on a big push to complete the backyard landscaping before the frost.

Flowers for landscape

We have a lot to do.  And it’s hot.  And school will be starting soon.  And there is barely any vacation time left.  And we have a locust problem.


Not really but I was running out of excuses.

Jess and I worked on some of the landscaping.  She worked on the area in front of the chicken coop.

Jess working

Jess helping

Jess placing pavers

I worked on the area around the barn.

Flowers and pavers

I was an utter failure at the first pass of pavers.  Mark had to come in and reset them.  But my second attempt was much, much better.

Pavers and level

Mark worked on the door for the chicken pen and cleaned the chicken coop.  The pen is a fortress.  Nothing’s getting in there.

Chicken Pen Door

Except Jess so she can hold and spoil Palma who seems to enjoy it.

Jess & Palma

We’ve  discovered we have another rooster.  He’s been dubbed Archemides.


The day was so hot we didn’t get as much accomplished as we’d hoped.  We stopped early for some home-spun Olympic events.

The DGG’s are big fans of the synchronized sports.  One of my favorites is Synchronized Ice Cream Cone Eating:

Eating Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cones

Ice Cream

Eating Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cone

Aw…Charlie broke a perfect 10…but, a true competitor, he moved on to Synchronized Chicken Roosting:



Ancona Hen

Ancona chicken

I think Charlie and Palma deserve the Gold.

Lastly, we moved on to the always popular Goat Gymnastics where Dannon executes a perfect handstand:

Goat Handstand

And, of course, her unparalleled prowess on the vault:

Goat Vault

Dannon’s favorite event is the balance beam but a recent growth spurt prompted her to leave it out of her routine.

Goat Balance Beam

As you can see, she was quite talented but she has her eye on the Gold.  She and Marigold watch wistfully as Charlie completes his beam routine.

Balance beam

Marigold rests after a challenging grazing routine.  She is concerned she is not getting enough calories to sustain her exhausting schedule.

Marigold resting

The girls await their scores on the podium.  It’s a gold for Team Oberhasli!


And the Individual All Around goes to Dannon!  Have you had your Wheaties today?

Oberhasli headshot

Coach Mark congratulates his girls.  He will be managing their endorsements.

There was celebration in Olympic fashion last night.  The best thing about our torch is that you can make S’mores.


I never fully appreciated what Mark has accomplished this summer until I worked outside yesterday.  One day and I was wiped out.  He has been doing this all summer.  First working in the yard then spending time with the kids.  He doesn’t get Gold.  He gets Platinum.


4 thoughts on “An Olympic Push

  1. The sweetest olympics ever!
    Next year, how ’bout:
    Synchronized Dog Barking
    Tandem Patio Layout
    Olympic Flycatching
    Love, Peg

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