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Milking Lesson

When people find out we have goats, we always get the same response, “What are you going to do with them?  Milk them?”

Milking is certainly in our plans but that won’t begin for another year and a half.     Of course, Marigold and Dannon will have to be bred first in order to draw the milk.  That won’t be until the fall of 2013.  So for now, they are our pets.

However, on the day we picked up the girls from Ober-Ridge, we had a milking lesson.  This is the first time I ever milked ANYTHING.

Milking a Goat

It felt very awkward but I did manage a few squirts into the bucket.  The goat, I think it was Satin, was very patient with my clumsey attempt.  She was intent on her grain.  They were all intent on their grain.  Grain seems to be goat nirvana.  The does crowd the gate waiting for their turn.  They charge out of their pen and leap onto the milking stanchion as soon as the gate is opened.  I imagine it’s double the pleasure since they must get some relief from being milked.

Mollie and Paige, at Ober-Ridge, tell me it gets easier with practice.  Paige is a pro.

Milking an Oberhasli

Fast and rhythmic.  I think they told me it takes about 15 minutes to milk 5 does.  I think it will take me 15 minutes for one doe.  Hopefully, Dannon and Marigold will tolerate my ham-fisted attempts in the beginning.

In the meantime, while we wait for milk and since you’ve already seen Jessie’s milking costume, I’m trying to decide on mine.  What do you think?



Or something a little more modern?

Modern Milkmaid

I just can’t decide.

One last picutre:

Paige and Marigold

This is Paige saying good-bye to Marigold just before we left Ober-Ridge.  I get emotional over animals anyway but this about broke my heart.   Trust.


5 thoughts on “Milking Lesson

  1. Milking outfit!?I think I would be lucky to be in anything other than PJ’s since I hear you milk in the morning, but the modern looks best for summer and the old fashioned one in winter.
    Keep those wonderful pictures coming. Love em.

  2. Again, Shelley, you capture some very beautiful moments.
    I like the old fashion milking maid outfit but I think Mark would like the more modern one!

  3. Hmmm – lets see – – I think I’d go with the modern milking look.
    But you have lots of time to consider.

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