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All About Building A Barn

Barn Building

Selections from writing workshop project by:  DGG Jessie
With photos, translations and [observations] by:  DGG Shelley
Construction and planning by:  GG Mark
With assistance from:  Charlie, Jess, Max, Robb, Damion, Chris, & Shelley

Contents pg. 1

1.  Get Help.
2.  Get Your Supplies.
3.  Plan Where You’re Going to Put It.
4.   Get Some Wood.

Contents pg. 2

5.  Get Someone to Give You Wood.
6.  Get Someone to Measure It.
7.  Get Someone to Help Put Up the Walls.
8.  Make Sure the Walls are Straight
Page 17 is a Diagram

Getting Help

First you get some help and the people will help you.  It is hard.  You need wood to build a barn.  [Charlie and I helped Daddy almost every day.]


Talk while Working

When you are done with that you get your supplies and you can start building and you can talk while you are working.

Platform and Wlls

Get a platform so you can walk on it.


When that is done you get a big piece of wood for a wall.


[And you get Mom to help raise the wall.  Daddy hopes that Mom is strong enough to help lift it into place.  (She was but just barely.)  Mostly, and this is really important, make sure that the weather won’t be so windy it will knock the walls down.  After a particularly hefty windstorm, Mommy and Daddy were sad to come home from work and find the walls flat on the ground.]


Get someone to measure it and so you can make it.

Mark measuring


Walls Up

Then get someone to help put it up and make it nice.  [Many, many thanks to Robb, Damion and Chris, the crew from EMU, who helped put the trusses in place.  After that, we didn’t have to worry about the wind.]

EMU work crew

Eastern Crew

EMU work crew 2

Make sure the walls are straight and not crooked.

Straight Walls


Get some nails so you can put the walls up.
Get 2 big pieces of wood so you can put your roof on.

Charlie Roof

Charlie in Trusses

Mark and Charlie on roof

Max and Charlie on Roof

[Make sure you don’t smush your brother while putting the roof in place.]

Smushed Charlie

Charlie Working

[Make sure you wear a safety harness when you are on the roof.]

Mark and Max on Roof

[You can take breaks when you are tired…

Max on Roof

…and serve tea to the builders in very tiny cups so they are not too full to go back to work.]

Jess serves tea

Trim Work

Get some wood so you can work on the barn and you can make a barn.  It is fun to do.

Jess with wood

Paint and Supplies

Get some paint so you can paint your barn.

Jess Painting

Rabbit Moon Farm

Then get some supplies so you can build.

Jess and supplies


Get some wood and you can build.
Get a door to put it on the barn.



Diagram – Hay [in loft], roof, Windows, Door

Barn Done


[And that is how you build a barn.]

Jess All Done


2 thoughts on “All About Building A Barn

  1. What a great family memory! The story made me smile and sometimes LOL! Kathy and I loved seeing the goats yesterday and being with all of you.

  2. I am SOOOO glad to know how to build a bran!!!
    The instructions were very helpful.
    I will be extra careful when I measure a piss of wood.
    I can see how much fun it was.
    Everybody should have a bran like that!
    Love, Peg

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