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Got Goats? We Do! (or DGG…Divine Goat Girls)

Jess Pointing at Oberhasli's

Dannon and Marigold are home.  And, on a side note to the DGGs, it just happens to coincide with DGG Jessie’s first pointing picture.  I have to tell you, she pointed of her own free-will with no prompting from me.  Notice the casual, relaxed manner of the point…very DGG.  I’m so proud.

Ah, but you are here for the goats!  Well, we brought them home on Friday night.  No riding on the roof of the car (a la Romney style) for these girls.  Oh no, they rode in DGG style inside the van in dog crates.  However, they were very sad to leave their herd mates and bleated most of the way home.  An hour and a half of sad goat song is something everyone should experience.  Like a good ol’ country song, it made my heart bleat.

So we think they’re adjusting well.  They’ve grown a bit since we last saw them and we’re enjoying getting to know their personalities.

Oberhasli goat

I expected Dannon to be the dominant girl but it appears Marigold is the boss.  She butts Dannon away from the hay so she can get first choice.

Oberhasli Feed Sack

Dannon is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

Oberhasli DoeDannon & Jess

Marigold is also very affectionate and wants her fair share of the attention.  Both true DGGs.

Mari & Jess

GG Mark and Jess have been spoiling them with attention.  See why I married this guy???

Goats with Family

In fact, these girls are getting so spoiled they bleat at the fence anytime we go in the house.

Oberhasli's at fence

I’ll share more pictures soon.  Mark did a fabulous job on the barn.  Mostly by himself but we all pitched in here and there.

We’re learning a little goat song in the morning is a very sweet sound.

Jess in the Barn door


7 thoughts on “Got Goats? We Do! (or DGG…Divine Goat Girls)

  1. I agree with Jean about the last photo. You have terrific subjects, darling animals and charming, pretty children, but your skill at composing is great. Love your stories too. Kathy and I are looking forward to seeing all on Sunday!

  2. Is there anything cuter than little goats??? Maybe little kids.
    The combination is un BAAtable.
    Have fun with them!
    Love, Peg

  3. The goat project was a crunch because of uncooperative weather and my delusion that I can still work as hard and strong as I did 20 years ago. Age is taking its toll.

    Well, the guinea eggs are in the incubator and the peeps are expected to arrive mid-June so it’s on to the chicken coop. Time to watch Chicken Run with the kids to get some ideas.

  4. Shelley, Shelley, Shelley,
    You’ve outdone yourself on this one…in pictures and words! The last photo is so fabulous, you must enter it in a contest of some sort. Perfection!

    Please tell Mark he did an outstanding job on the barn. I hope to see it soon. Now all They need is their own tiny hill in their pen so they can show each other who’s the Divine Greene Girl of the Hill!


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