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They Had Me at “Baaaa”

We will soon have two new members of our family.

Introducing Dannon…Dannon Dairy Goat

…and Marigold.

Marigold Dairy Goat

They are two days old in these pictures and the foundation of GGMark’s dairy goat project.  I’m afraid I’ve fallen deeply in love with these kids.  Sadly, we had to leave them on their Ohio farm because they are not old enough yet and because we don’t have anywhere to put them.  So I guess a structure and pen is the first part of the project.

Dannon and Marigold are Oberhasli goats.  Well, Dannon is an Oberhasli.  Marigold is 1/2 Oberhasli and ½ Alpine.  Oberhaslis are a medium size goat and are known for their gentle and affectionate nature.

I have to say I was sold as soon as we walked into the barn at Ober-Ridge farm.  There were approximately ten little kids lined up along the fence furiously wagging their tails.  (I really should have snapped a picture of that!)  They were just like little puppies so how could I EVER have resisited?

Paige, the young lady who has charge of the goats, plucked Dannon and Marigold out of their pen so we could see them in action.

And action is exactly what Dannon gave us…

Dannon Leaping

Dannon leaping

Dannon leaping

Marigold tended to be more on the calmer but curious side.

Marigold Curious

Marigold Curious

Marigold Curious

This is Paige with Marigold and their dog, Stella (don’t you just love that name?).

Paige Stella and Marigold

STELLAAAAAA!  Sorry.  I’ll stop clawing at my tee shirt now.

Paige hovered over her kids and kept an eagle on on them.  She patiently answered all our questions.  If Dannon or Marigold felt Paige wasn’t giving them the proper amount of attention, they let her know.

Paige and Dannon

Paige and Dannon

Goat butt.

Goat butt

Get it?  Goats butt?  Get it now?  I knew that you would.

We were there for about an hour.  We watched the babies drink their milk and, the next time we turned around to look at them, they were gone.  They all disappeared into their teepees for a kid flop.  This is similar to a puppy flop in which they are so tired they need a nap – immediately.  Again, I missed a photo opportunity.

We learned a lot about goats from Paige and her mom, Mollie.  Paige started in goats at age 8 for a 4-H project.  She shows her goats and has been successful in the show ring.  We have a lot more to learn but it was a good start.  I guess experience will be our guide.

So I don’t know…can a poodle exhibitor find happiness in the goat show ring?  Can the poodles find happiness as goat herders?

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “They Had Me at “Baaaa”

  1. Oh my goodness how exciting! We will have to investigate how to turn some of that milk into cheese! They are sooooo adorable!

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