What Is Your Favorite?


Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve not been keeping up on my blog.  To buy me some time, I came up with a little question for you to think about.  It came to me while I was talking to DGG Karen on the phone the other day.  She said she was getting ready to watch Casablanca. 

What is your favorite love story in a movie?  This is for the drama category, not romantic comedy.

I bet all of you that know me would think I would pick Gone With The Wind.  While it is true, there can never be another Scarlet like Vivian Leigh, GWTW, as a love story, does not hold a candle to Cold Mountain.

Ada and Inman, in my opinion, are the epitome of love.  They “love at first sight.”  They love while “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  And instead of “you complete me” love, they finally come together as two completed people.  Inman has learned he is indeed a good man after all.  His shame in his desertion of the war dissipates as he struggles to get back to Ada and he learns his true character.  Ada has learned she is not a frail and helpless woman but can stand on her own.  Unfortunately, the ending is tragic but it still illustrates how love can uplift and comfort rather than destroy.  I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it.

I love this movie.  It haunted me for days after the first time I watched it.

What is your favorite romantic drama?