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A Slope and a Sled

Well, we are home today.  Jess has a cold.  She is on the couch watching Sponge Bob and eating breakfast so while she is otherwise occupied, here are some pics of our snow play last weekend.

Michigan had a little snowfall last Friday and the snow stayed the entire weekend.  It was “good packin” so Charlie, Jess, Mark and I took advantage and went outside.  We started with a snowball fight.  I seemed to be the main target.  I should have kept my camera with me as a force field but I was counting on pelting some family members.  Mom’s revenge for dirty dishes, t.v. arguments, and messy bedrooms.  Unfortunately, I have very poor aim and not much distance.  Jessie, on the other hand, does not throw like a girl.  We were all lucky she had a visual bull’s eye on our bottoms.

As the kids moved on to sledding, I dusted off the snow and grabbed my camera.

Jess pulling sled

We have just the tiniest slope from the garage entrance down to the backyard.  It’s just enough for Jess right now.

Mark giving Jess a push


Jess pulling uphill

and down she went…

Jess sledding downhill

only pausing to shake off the snow.  Do you think maybe the lack of a hat contributed to her cold today?

Jess shaking off snow

Charlie turned the sled into a snowboard.

Charlie Snowboard

And, of course, what Charlie tries so follows Jess.  She kept her hat in the back of the sled for quick action when Mom and Dad said, “Jess, put your hat on your HEAD!”

Jess snowboard

The dogs had a great time.  Sagey came in low and took Charlie out but she apologized.

Charlie, Sagey and Chili

It’s possible that all this activity was the catalyst for Jess’s cold.  But for a few sniffles, I think it was worth it.

Just one last picture.  Isn’t this the cutest kid?


A day old baby goat.  Beth, my sister-in-law, has a sister with a small farm.  She sent us this picture since they know we are considering getting goats and chickens.  This makes it hard to resist.


2 thoughts on “A Slope and a Sled

  1. Love the pictures. I can hear Jess’s giggle again when she told me about your day on the phone. As hard as it is for us to believe, cold air and even wet heads don’t give us colds. Germs do. Doctors tell us to go outside, so take that off your guilt list, it was a great day in every way.

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