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Happy New Year!

I’d like to share a piece written by my sister, DGG Peggy:

This is not the year to be scrimping.  Not a time to hold back on anything.  I’m not talking about boosting sales figures at Target and Macy’s either.  I mean stuff we’ve already got.  Things we know we’re good at.  Let’s all go on a spree this year.

Let’s give gifts of joyfulness and grace.  You know the kind.  Listen to the one who always goes on and on…without interrupting.  If the kid would rather play Sorry than decorate the tree – well, bare trees are nice, too.

And give  yourself a break.  Maybe set yourself easier goals.  Instead of framing the house with ten thousand outdoor lights, make the grocery store clerk smile.

Look around you.  Pay attention.  The people wo mean the most to you are right here.  Ready for what only you can give.

So let’s go hog wild.  Splurge on kindness, indulge in praise and stuff ourselves with gratitude.  Don’t say no to hope and add great huge dollops of compassion, patience and love.

Even better than gold and frankincense and myrrh.

by:  Peg VanLoo

Katya giving her Grandma, DGG Peg, an extravagant gift.

Malia being extravagant with Grandma.


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