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Pink Feathered High Heels – They’re Better to Give Then Receive

Merry Day After Christmas!

I’m resting today but I just want to show you Jessie’s new shoes:

They have barely left her feet.  She wore them yesterday to my in-laws’ party paired with a lime green Easter dress.  Nothing beats pink, feathered high heels when you are a seven-year old girl.  It is first grade haute couture.

The heels were one of my favorite gifts.  The other was the Kindle Fire I gave to Mark.  Men are so difficult to buy for and Mark always manages to make sure I’ll be pleased with my presents.  I felt under pressure this year especially since I didn’t do so well last  year with his gifts.  I pestered Max multiple times, “Are you sure he’ll like it?”  It was the first gift Mark opened and I could tell by his eyes he was happy with it.  What a relief!

“It is better to give than to receive,” is not an entirely selfless act.  I love receiving presents and I received many this year that I love.  But when you give a gift that is just right, that is appreciated and you know you did good, that is a great gift right back atcha.


4 thoughts on “Pink Feathered High Heels – They’re Better to Give Then Receive

  1. Feathered heels, angels wings…all soooo Divine!! Jordan’s intrigue with his box is a good sign he’s destined to be a Good Guy.

  2. Whoa! Do you & Jess know shoes. More important than the dress. 7-yr-old Jordan was so happy with the box his stuff (Hex Bugs) came in. You’d think he’d be beyond the box-&-wrapping stage, but I put his present in a Staples box that has handles like a tool box. Macho. Malia & Katya got fairy wings. Can’t compete with the shoes, but the best we could do.
    Love, DGG Peg

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