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Cookie Girls

Every year, me and the girls (yes, I know that’s poor English) have Cookie Night.  I don’t see them much anymore.  I think this is the second time in 2011.  This is the one and only reason that I miss my old life before marriage and family.  I miss going around the corner to Edee’s for a cup of coffee.  I miss our excursions to TJMaxx and a restaurant of our choosing for lunch or dinner.  I miss our birthday get togethers.

But, I didn’t miss cookie night!

This is Edee, the head chef and hostess.

This is Lyn.  I turned around in first grade and said, “Will you be my best friend?”  I haven’t been able to shake her loose since.

This is Delana sporting her new svelte figure.  I’m so jealous, Dee!

Jean left before I could snap a pic but here is one from last year’s Cookie Night.

There was a ton of baking going on.  I made my cookies ahead of time and brought them with me.  All I had to do was sit, talk and eat.  (I is the smart one of the bunch.)

There were a lot of successes.

There was only one batch gone wrong.  Some No Bakes that refused to solidify.   I think this batch has to go in the Cookie Hall of Shame.  This does not conjur visions of SugarPlums…

I had the magic seat.  I had a chance to catch up with everyone as one by one they sat down next to me and we got our chat on.

First was Jean.  She was showing me all the things her iPhone is capable of doing via voice activation.  Techie stuff scares the Intel out of me.  I keep seeing my Christmas future of gadget gifts that I will have no clue how to use.  Jean must have seen the fear in my eyes because she switched to showing me photos of her office Christmas dinner.  She has a new job that she loves with a solid company.  That was no small feat in 2011.  Merry Christmas, Jean!

Edee sat down briefly when it was Jean’s turn to bake.  I think this was the only time she sat down all day and night.  By that time, the Bee Gees were vocalizing loud and clear through some kind of iPod technology.  Each song from “Words” to “I Started a Joke” to “More Than a Woman” was called as someone’s favorite all time Bee Gees song.  Edee and I settled together on “How Deep is Your Love”.  It took us back to Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta and high school crushes.  We were too young and inexperienced to recognize unhealthy relationships so these songs can remain sweet and romanticized.  Merry Christmas, Edee!

Delana sat across from me.  She has a cute mannerism of slapping her hands together when she finds something amusing.  However, she was busy demonstrating her two-fisted cookie technique and had her hands full.  It goes something like this:  Nibble, nibble out of one hand, giggle, giggle, nibble, nibble out of the other hand, chit chat, nibble, giggle and so on.

Delana has moved into a new house near Edee.  They go walking, take yoga classes together and leap cookie calories in a single bound.  Merry Christmas, Delana!

Lyn is also moving into a new house with her new family.  No small task around the Holidays.  She will be entering parenthood a second time around although this time she will be exploring the step-parent arena which, even in the best situations, can sometimes be a tightrope walk.  Especially in the beginning.  But Lyn is quick to laugh and things are starting out wonderfully for her.  Merry Christmas, Lyn!

I’ve known these Cookie Girls since at least first grade.  Check this out.  Edee keeps our senior pictures in her hallway so she can see us everyday.

If the Divine Greene Girls were the women that showed me how to make a family, the Cookie Girls were the ladies that helped me navigate the path to get there.  That path, if not treacherous, was sometimes less than innocent.  We can all count at least one time that we are lucky to still be here.  Together we pushed curfew limits, supported each other through broken hearts, broken families, and loss of loved ones.  We used to debate over our favorite brand of beer.  Now we debate over our favorite brand of ice cream.  We are there for each other through birthdays, graduations, new homes, new jobs, new kids, and new grandkids.

Cookie Girls minus One - Where's Lyn?

We are the Cookie Girls and we leave each other the cookie crumbs to find our way home.


2 thoughts on “Cookie Girls

  1. It is a wonderful tradition that we have! Even when schedules conflict and sometimes we can’t make it …. everyone is always present in thought and spirit! Thank you for posting. It isn’t everday that a gal can claim that her best friends from grade still are present in their lives! Love you….love you all! Merry Christmas my dear ones!

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