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How To Child Your Parent Through the Holidays

It’s been a busy week and, I admit it, I’m feeling the Holiday crunch and stress.  Fortunately, Jess has offered up her old soul wisdom to help guide me. 

1) Pace yourself.  We’re not quite done with the tree.  We do a little almost every night.  Jessie hangs about 5-10 ornaments, decides she’s had enough and moves on to other things.  But after five days, we’ve had the chance to take the sentimental journey of each of our special ornaments.  Things are looking festive and we’ve had the fun spread out a little bit.

2)  Show up and go through the motions.  Jess had choir practice Wednesday night.  She is Kid #1 in her upcoming Christmas Cantata at church this Sunday morning.  Please note the lovely red sequined ruffles under her poor shepherd costume.  Jess struggles with the words to the songs and can often be seen in a gaping yawn in the middle of the chorus.  However, she never hems and haws about practice and puts her whole self into the motions and her one small line.  When the older kids rehearse, she smiles in admiration as if it’s Taylor Swift or Barbie right in front of her.

3)  Express your joy.  This morning, when I asked Jess what her favorite part about yesterday was, she said it was that Max and Charlie came to her 1st Grade Holiday Concert.  She was overjoyed that her brothers showed up to watch her sing and dance.  Max and Charlie were operating in #2 yesterday – Show up and go through the motions.  Max just arrived home from Western after completing his last final exam.  Charlie, a freshman in high school, peeled himself away from his video games to attend.  But, that’s the thing with #2, it helps others get to #3.  Jessie’s performance soared to a higher level due to her elation at seeing her brothers in the audience. 

This was the evening that actually saved me from drowning in self-pity due to the hectic schedule.  If I ever wonder that Jess understands the true meaning of the Holidays, she proves it to me over and over if I just pay attention.  Never mind good parenting skills during the Holidays.  What everyone should have is good childing skills!

After all, it began with a little child.

Thanks for the lessons, Jess!


3 thoughts on “How To Child Your Parent Through the Holidays

  1. Children do give us perspective. I know how Jess felt. I had the same wonderfully full feeling of elation when my brothers and sisters showed up at my concert!

  2. Excellent words of wisdom! Many times needed throughout all of lifes trials and tribulations! Children are so genuine ! Many times while raising Sammy I would be dealing with struggles only to have her make a simple statement that would put life back in perspective!

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