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Operation Good Cheer*

This is the second year that coworkers from my company have participated in Operation Good Cheer.

Operation Good Cheer is an annual, all volunteer, Christmas gift-giving program sponsored by Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc.  The recipients of this program include some of the most troubled and vulnerable children in Michigan.  The children, as well as some disabled adults, were removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect and reside in out-of-home placement facilities such as foster homes, group homes or residential treatment facilities.

My coworkers, thanks to the coordination efforts of Marianne Barkholz and Alan Morgan, had the opportunity to give generously to several of the program’s recipients.

Each of the participants receives a “Wish List” which includes a personal profile of the child or adult along with six gift choices.  An encoding system ensures the confidentiality of the participant and the gifts’ final destination.

There were so many bikes this year!  I’m so proud to work with such generous people.

Transportation companies volunteer their services for the gift collection and deliver them to Oakland County International Airport.  The following day, volunteer pilots gather to fly the gifts to numerous airports located across the state.  Agencies greet the pilots, collect their gifts, and deliver them to each child before Christmas morning.

This was only the second stop on this truck’s route.  It’s almost half full already!

They’re almost done and off they’ll go to their next scheduled stop.  Can you see how this might be the most fulfilling work day of the year for these guys?

2010 Program Statics:

  • 4277 children were sponsored.
  • 44 nonprofit agencies participated.
  • 262 individuals and groups sponsored children
  • 17 trucking companies transported gifts
  • 350 volunteers & pilots volunteered their time, services or aircraft for gift delivery

For further information regarding Operation Good Cheer, the Children’s Entitlement Fund or any of the services Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. provides please contact:  www.cfsm.org

*The majority of this post was reprinted from the Operation  Good Cheer brochure.


One thought on “Operation Good Cheer*

  1. This is very well done. Our CASA group does the same thing and I was priviledged to take the gifts to my CASA girls. They LOVED them because they were what they wished for. Grandma said “They do much better than…… They even left me extra batteries.”

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