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Snowy, Blowy, Beautiful – Still Thankful

Remember the flowers from the last post?  This is how they looked this morning.

This is Michigan’s first big snowfall of the winter.

The dogs love it.

And how lucky am I to have a husband that lets me have the garage space so I don’t have to scrape snow off the van?

On the drive to school, Jess says it looks like a winter wonderland and all that is missing is the candy.  She says the sunrise looks like the medicine she used to take.  The sun in the clouds do have a rather gooey yellow look to it this morning.

I’m enjoying her observations until we hit the highway off our dirt road.

Slick, slick, slick.  Anxiety gives me a white knuckle grip on my steering wheel.  Jess’s chatter buzzes like white noise as I make slow but steady progress down the road.  We eventually make it to school without any mishaps or yahoos in SUVs blaring their horns at me.

There were so many pleasant parts to my morning today.  But now that I’m off that treacherous road I finally remember to be thankful.


One thought on “Snowy, Blowy, Beautiful – Still Thankful

  1. I am thankful you are safe too. I am also thankful that I get to enjoy the winter wonderland from inside! Thanks for sharing Jess’s comments. She never fails to be creative.

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