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Fat Boys vs. Wimpy Boys

I bought these three bad boys after work yesterday:

Usually GGMark runs such errands on his lunch hour but he didn’t have room in the sedan when he found them on sale at Lowe’s.  So he called me since I drive the van.  My van is always full of recycle, clothes for donating, and on this particular day, Jess’s bike.  I left it there from Bike Day at daycare camp.  Some minor impediments but what are a few 4-foot trees?

Did I mention I have a bad back?  I mention it to the girl that struggles, drags and hoists these spikey beasts onto the flatbed carts.  She’s about half my age but also half my size.  I don’t think she believes me.

I have to wait several minutes after I pay for the trees.  I need someone to help me load them in the van.  Finally a strapping young employee appears.  He also appears to be half my age but taller and in good shape.  “I have a bad back,” I say apologetically.  I don’t think he believes me either because he ignores my comment.  He grabs the top of the tree trunk with a gloved hand.  He pulls his hand back.  “Oww…they’re prickly,” he says.  I open the passenger side of the van and he maneuvers and grunts and makes a fuss about being pierced by tree needles.  He finally gets the first tree situated next to Jess’s car seat.  I open the hatch and, after the same fuss, he loads the other two.  I can’t help thinking this guy’s a little wimpy.

I arrive home home smelling like Christmas in July.  Jess and Mark are in the front yard picking strawberries.  They are in their bathing suits and ready to go in the pool.  Mark grabs the trees with his bare hands and lifts them out of the van like they are mere house plants.

“How’s your back?” he says.


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