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divine (di-vin) – magnificent; exquisite.  extremely pleasant; delightful.  To know by inspiration, intuition, or reflection.

Divine Greene Girl Shelley.  I’m the fourth of the four original Divine Greene Girls.  The first three are my sisters DGG Karen, DGG Peggy and DGG Nancy.

How we came up with this moniker, I don’t remember.  I think one of the Good Guys pinned it on us.  It sounds like something GG Bill would come up with.  I have a feeling he was the source.

But no one can deny that we are divine.  Just look at this:

And this:

These are when we were hotties.

Well, we’re still hotties.  We’re just a little older now which not only makes us hot, it also makes us seasoned.   Seasoned, another word for spicy.

We’re hot and spicy!

We even have our own Coat of Arms designed by DGG Peggy.

DGG Coat of Arms

Joyous and Ever Loyal

I’ll explain later about the feet…

The DGG’s are my roots, my origin.  They are the women that showed me how to make a family and how a family can form in many different ways.  They paved the path and moved aside some of the traditional concepts of what a family looks like.   They set the example, some of it on purpose and some of it by the twist of fate, but always with open hearts and open minds.

Perfect families do exist.  They are inclusive and made through marriage, divorce, birth, death, adoptions, same-sex parenting, inter-racial marriage, step-parenting, etc.  I discovered this as I observed my DGG sisters build their own families and support other traditional and non-traditional families.

I’m fortunate to have had these extraordinary sisters growing up ahead of me.  Though it was unconscious, it made the path I took to create my family comfortable.  Almost every day there are challenges or rough patches to conquer.  Many because we took the non-traditional route.  However, most are just because we are a modern family in a fast-paced world.  Just like everybody else.


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