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The Good Guys

Behind every Divine Greene Girl there is a Good Guy.  DGG to GG…get it?  I knew you would.

My GG is my husband, Mark.

We also have GG Bill, DGG Peg’s husband…

and GG Raleigh, DGG Nancy’s husband.

We lost GG Len in 2009.  He was DGG Karen’s partner of almost 30 years.

The Good Guys are the unsung heroes.  They are the ones that support our divninity.  They are our constants, our touchstones, the ones that we come home to and who come home to us.  But mostly, they are the ones that just tolerate the silliness that happens when the DGGs come together.  They stand around, shift uneasily or roll their eyes when peals of laughter unsettle their otherwise ordinary day.

Every once in a while, they’ll join in…

No wait!  Has that EVER happened?  We might get a chuckle or an out and out laugh.  But I don’t ever remember tears streaming out of their eyes from some joke that would never be funny to anyone but the DGGs at any given time.

Like I said…they mostly just hang out and let the divinity happen.


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