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The Flash of July

I love taking Jess to her figure skating lessons.  Usually Mark gets to since I’m not out of work early enough but occasionally I can swing it.

I snap a few pics of her latest tricks.

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The skating arena is probably a cool 50 degrees.  A nice relief from the heat wave Michigan has been experiencing.  You would think the one place I would be safe from a hot flash is an ice arena.

Did I forget to mention that I’m fifty?

Part of me would like to forget that.  The other part doesn’t want to forget because it seems as if I forget everything lately.  I guess that’s part of being fifty. That and hot flashes.

One of them creeps up on me while shooting these pics.  The heat starts in my chest and I start sweating.  I take off my jacket.  The flush continues up through my neck into my face.  I brush the sweat off my forehead and through my hair to keep any additional heat from my face.

Remember how great the bathroom tile felt after a night of too much carousing?  Think back to your twenties.  I imagine crawling out onto the ice and lying spread eagle with my face planted into the surface.

I wonder what all these people would think?

I settle for sliding my foot toward the ice.  Maybe I can slip my foot out of my sandal and just rest my toes on the edge of the ice.  Maybe no one will see.

And then, miraculosly, before I embarrass myself, the flash ends.  The sweat on my skin disapates.  I’m cold.  I put on my jacket and bring my feet in closer to my body for warmth.

I wish had a parka and snow boots.


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