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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Thanksgiving Weekend

To steal from Cover Girl, yesterday was an easy, breezy, beautiful Thanksgiving.  Easy because I had so much help with the dishes I didn’t have much to clean up this morning.  It’s amazing what a difference food storage containers can make if you have enough and all the lids match to the bottoms.

Breezy because there was a whole lotta divineness in the house.  Three of the four original DGGs were here.  Karen and Nancy made it downstate this  year.  Also, DGG Kathy and my baby, DGG Jess.  Add the GGs Mark, Dave, Max and Charlie and, also Max and Charlie’s mom, Chris.  Mix us all together and you get comfort, laughter, and just a hint of silliness.

Beautiful because the weather was an exceptionally warm 60 degree day with a splash of sun now and then.  We still have flowers blooming in the yard.  Outrageous nature in November.

GG Mark outdid himself on the turkey and all the fixins.  We had great leftovers today for the UofM/Ohio State game.  GO BLUE!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

p.s.  We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday this year.  Other than I keep thinking today is Friday, it worked out pretty well.


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