Snowy, Blowy, Beautiful – Still Thankful

Remember the flowers from the last post?  This is how they looked this morning.

This is Michigan’s first big snowfall of the winter.

The dogs love it.

And how lucky am I to have a husband that lets me have the garage space so I don’t have to scrape snow off the van?

On the drive to school, Jess says it looks like a winter wonderland and all that is missing is the candy.  She says the sunrise looks like the medicine she used to take.  The sun in the clouds do have a rather gooey yellow look to it this morning.

I’m enjoying her observations until we hit the highway off our dirt road.

Slick, slick, slick.  Anxiety gives me a white knuckle grip on my steering wheel.  Jess’s chatter buzzes like white noise as I make slow but steady progress down the road.  We eventually make it to school without any mishaps or yahoos in SUVs blaring their horns at me.

There were so many pleasant parts to my morning today.  But now that I’m off that treacherous road I finally remember to be thankful.


Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Thanksgiving Weekend

To steal from Cover Girl, yesterday was an easy, breezy, beautiful Thanksgiving.  Easy because I had so much help with the dishes I didn’t have much to clean up this morning.  It’s amazing what a difference food storage containers can make if you have enough and all the lids match to the bottoms.

Breezy because there was a whole lotta divineness in the house.  Three of the four original DGGs were here.  Karen and Nancy made it downstate this  year.  Also, DGG Kathy and my baby, DGG Jess.  Add the GGs Mark, Dave, Max and Charlie and, also Max and Charlie’s mom, Chris.  Mix us all together and you get comfort, laughter, and just a hint of silliness.

Beautiful because the weather was an exceptionally warm 60 degree day with a splash of sun now and then.  We still have flowers blooming in the yard.  Outrageous nature in November.

GG Mark outdid himself on the turkey and all the fixins.  We had great leftovers today for the UofM/Ohio State game.  GO BLUE!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

p.s.  We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday this year.  Other than I keep thinking today is Friday, it worked out pretty well.

Feeling Fabulous

Those of us who show dogs have all been there. Someone says something not so nice about you or your dog. We’ve been on the receiving end and the giving end of this. Today I was on the receiving end. I haven’t been to shows in almost a year and am missing it. Then I hear somebody said something not so nice about one of my beloved dogs and calls my integrity into question and I wonder, “Why do I do this? Why do I want to go back to this?”

Then my co-worker, who has nothing at all to do with poodles, and often cocks her head at me like I’m crazy when I talk about dog shows, arrives and brightens my day. She went to a church conference this weekend for women. The theme was “Fabulous” and during one of the exercises everyone had to get up and tell what made them feel fabulous. Well, one after another, women stood up and said, “God, Family, Clothes, Shoes, Love, etc.” Then one woman got up and said:

“Poodles. Not just any poodles. Fabulous, hair out to there, fluffed up and fancy walking-around-at-a-dog show Poodles!”

Ch. Ravendune Brouhaha RN

My buddy and loyal companion, Brou, on his championship day.

Loved this story. There are lots of reasons why I love poodles but now I remember why I miss showing them.

The Flash of July

I love taking Jess to her figure skating lessons.  Usually Mark gets to since I’m not out of work early enough but occasionally I can swing it.

I snap a few pics of her latest tricks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The skating arena is probably a cool 50 degrees.  A nice relief from the heat wave Michigan has been experiencing.  You would think the one place I would be safe from a hot flash is an ice arena.

Did I forget to mention that I’m fifty?

Part of me would like to forget that.  The other part doesn’t want to forget because it seems as if I forget everything lately.  I guess that’s part of being fifty. That and hot flashes.

One of them creeps up on me while shooting these pics.  The heat starts in my chest and I start sweating.  I take off my jacket.  The flush continues up through my neck into my face.  I brush the sweat off my forehead and through my hair to keep any additional heat from my face.

Remember how great the bathroom tile felt after a night of too much carousing?  Think back to your twenties.  I imagine crawling out onto the ice and lying spread eagle with my face planted into the surface.

I wonder what all these people would think?

I settle for sliding my foot toward the ice.  Maybe I can slip my foot out of my sandal and just rest my toes on the edge of the ice.  Maybe no one will see.

And then, miraculosly, before I embarrass myself, the flash ends.  The sweat on my skin disapates.  I’m cold.  I put on my jacket and bring my feet in closer to my body for warmth.

I wish had a parka and snow boots.

Fat Boys vs. Wimpy Boys

I bought these three bad boys after work yesterday:

Usually GGMark runs such errands on his lunch hour but he didn’t have room in the sedan when he found them on sale at Lowe’s.  So he called me since I drive the van.  My van is always full of recycle, clothes for donating, and on this particular day, Jess’s bike.  I left it there from Bike Day at daycare camp.  Some minor impediments but what are a few 4-foot trees?

Did I mention I have a bad back?  I mention it to the girl that struggles, drags and hoists these spikey beasts onto the flatbed carts.  She’s about half my age but also half my size.  I don’t think she believes me.

I have to wait several minutes after I pay for the trees.  I need someone to help me load them in the van.  Finally a strapping young employee appears.  He also appears to be half my age but taller and in good shape.  “I have a bad back,” I say apologetically.  I don’t think he believes me either because he ignores my comment.  He grabs the top of the tree trunk with a gloved hand.  He pulls his hand back.  “Oww…they’re prickly,” he says.  I open the passenger side of the van and he maneuvers and grunts and makes a fuss about being pierced by tree needles.  He finally gets the first tree situated next to Jess’s car seat.  I open the hatch and, after the same fuss, he loads the other two.  I can’t help thinking this guy’s a little wimpy.

I arrive home home smelling like Christmas in July.  Jess and Mark are in the front yard picking strawberries.  They are in their bathing suits and ready to go in the pool.  Mark grabs the trees with his bare hands and lifts them out of the van like they are mere house plants.

“How’s your back?” he says.

Real Siblings

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get published.  Here it is:

Charlie & Jess on Bike


I submitted this photo to a community magazine for their Siblings issue.  It didn’t make the cover page but it was selected for the “snapshots” page.  It wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I wrote “Get published in 2011” on my resolution list.  But if I have nothing written for publication by December 1st, I’ll make it count.

I was pleased it was selected.  Jess and Charlie represent not only siblings, but step-siblings and siblings through adoption.  They belong in that Sibling issue.

Charlie is a great brother and he spent a lot of time helping Jess on the bike that day.  But, as with most boys, they don’t care to be caught doing something nice for a pesky little sister.

To make matters more awkward, he was the lone teenager in a group of photos representing children from infants to 9 year olds.  When I asked him how he felt about that he said, “Well, a couple people have asked me about it.  I just tell them I was trying to push Jess over.”

Spoken like a true big brother.

The Good Guys

Behind every Divine Greene Girl there is a Good Guy.  DGG to GG…get it?  I knew you would.

My GG is my husband, Mark.

We also have GG Bill, DGG Peg’s husband…

and GG Raleigh, DGG Nancy’s husband.

We lost GG Len in 2009.  He was DGG Karen’s partner of almost 30 years.

The Good Guys are the unsung heroes.  They are the ones that support our divninity.  They are our constants, our touchstones, the ones that we come home to and who come home to us.  But mostly, they are the ones that just tolerate the silliness that happens when the DGGs come together.  They stand around, shift uneasily or roll their eyes when peals of laughter unsettle their otherwise ordinary day.

Every once in a while, they’ll join in…

No wait!  Has that EVER happened?  We might get a chuckle or an out and out laugh.  But I don’t ever remember tears streaming out of their eyes from some joke that would never be funny to anyone but the DGGs at any given time.

Like I said…they mostly just hang out and let the divinity happen.